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Danny sitting in the mirror exhibit at TeamLabs Tokyo

Hello There

I'm Danny, Founder and CEO of JaRoma Natural.  I am passionate about self-care and simply smelling great all day every day. Thank you so much for visiting our site, we look forward to helping you uncover an even more fabulous you!

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JaRoma Natural is based in Jamaica and was birthed out of a need to step away from chemical-based products and harsh ingredients that damaged our skin.........chiiiiile the struggle was real. 


This brought our focus to be on natural cosmetics, that is, creating and developing personal care products that met and surpassed our needs and now by extension our customers' needs too (essentially we wanted to smell like Rihanna, we heard she smelt good lol).

We take special pride in knowing that our products are handmade from homegrown and locally sourced skin-loving ingredients. Suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin like ours.

JNC Christmas 3_edited.jpg

Connect with US

We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Send us a DM on Instagram or hit us up on WhatsApp



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